The Facestealer

by Switchface

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produced in 2014. the second full-length album of SWITCHFACE. 10 brand new songs + one remix.


released March 13, 2015

all music and lyrics by Tomasz "Nook" Rospendowski.
programming by: Tomasz "Nook" Rospendowski.




Switchface Wielkopolskie, Poland

Switchface is a Polish electro/industrial project of Tomasz “Nook” Rospendowski. The style of the project is very melodic electro-industrial / dark electro. Full of broken beats, full of melancholic melodies, yet very danceable and atmospheric. The change is constant, we never stop. ... more

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Track Name: Królestwo Robaków

szarością malujesz swój świat
ponure wizje snują się jak cień
podobno ty receptę znasz
na to by wygrać, poczuć się jak król

kim ty, kurwa, jesteś? powiedz mi
gdzie te cudowne rady jak mam żyć?
nawet jak w oczy zawieje wiatr
znajdę w sobie spokój, siłę by trwać

podłością na co dzień grasz
znam cie na wylot tak jak ty znasz mnie
z godnością zamilcz i zgnij
pośród robactwa swe mądrości głoś


you're painting your world with grey
grim visions float around like shadows
apparently you know the solution
on how to win, how to feel like a king

who the fuck do you think you are?
where are those wonderful pieces of advice on how I should live my life?
even though it always pours
i will find my inner peace and strength to carry on.

you play with vile rules every single day
i know you inside out, just like you know me
with dignity - shut up and rot
preach your words of wisdom among the worms
Track Name: In Denial
blessing the nation with fear and contention
tommorow brings everything but hope and salvation

egotistical, maniacal
power-hungry, living in denial
dominate, eliminate
we know the truth, you are a liar

watching from the throne build of lies and deception
I put to question the best of your intentions
Track Name: Memento Vivere
time and time again with my back against the wall
time and time again through the broken glass I crawl
how to fight this pain all alone inside this hole?
how to fight this pain - this may be my curtain call

never, never say die
it's no time to cry
it's your time to shine
remember, you are still alive
it's time to ignite the fire inside

battered, bruised and scarred; I am standing proud and tall
battered, bruised and scarred, yes, i know my time will come
never giving in to this life I'm running from
never giving up, thanks to you I'm not alone
Track Name: Hole No.4
a place, where you're safe and sound
imaginary friends all around
too blind to see what's beyond a hole
a hole that's become your home

a prison of thoughts inside your head
has turned my dreams to shreds
too proud to admit your own mistakes
you have left only ashes in your wake

too blind to see who I really am
too cold to feel the essence inside of me

look at what you've done
this is who I am
Track Name: Becoming One
words leave me when I think of you
too precious to share yet a part of me
I'm defenceless when you're by my side
I put my trust in you

senses guide me when I yearn for you
I feel most alive when I give in to you
you complete me in a unique way
and I
I belong to you

becoming one in this game of two
destinies bound together until the end of time
hearts like flowers in the everlasting spring
fearing the winter
Track Name: The Facestealer
leaning my head against the glass
shedding this worn out skin
I get soaked to the bone
with memories I do not know

feeding myself with the dirt
sipping your every word
this life's so strangely familiar
it makes me forget my own

faces that I steal
stories that I hear
memories never free
they all become a part of me
Track Name: A Crack In The Monolith
we're all children, children of the night
we come alive when the moon shines bright
we're all stars on the blackest skies
come all, the gathering's just begun

hey brother, what is your tribe
hey sister, what colour is your kind
hey brother, your soul is defined
hey you, you're the crack in the monolith

we're all menace to society
we are the monster under your children's bed
we're all scapegoats meant to disgraced
come all, the ritual's just begun.
Track Name: The Frequency Of Solitude
wordless conversations
strange illuminations
constant apprehension
breeding limitations

please let me breathe
i need a place to call my own
please let me rest
inside the space made for me alone

playing with the fire
a truth-loving liar
walking on the wires
a self-absorbed pariah
Track Name: Divine Imperfections (Wings - Part 2)
tell me what is heaven
show me the deepest, darkest hell
tell me what is light
show me paths of tempting darkness

lure me with the promise
of delightful eternity
lure me with salvation
and deliver me from sin

what if your guardian angel is imperfect just like you
what if your life is but a toy for god in heavens above
what if your dreams belonged to someone else than you, my friend
what if your body was a cage closed for eternity

break me with your silence
as my prayers remain unanswered
break me with temptations
as I walk among the divine

blind me with your presence
for you are the purest one of all
blind me with your hope
that we are not the ones to fall
Track Name: Królestwo Robaków (Swarm Version)
see track 2.